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H Y D R O G R A P H I C    C H A R T S

We supply Hydrographic Charts on behalf of the Canadian Hydrographic Service of various water bodies in Canada.

Please use the viewer to the right to explore a sample Chart of the Parry Sound area.

Hydrographic Charts are available for various water bodies around the country. They display: the depths of water bodies, navigation routes, buoys, water hazards, lighthouses, islands and most everything you would want to know about a waterbody.

L.U. Maughan Company Limited retails only the most up to date Hydrographic Charts from the Canadian Hydrographic Society.

Hydrographic Charts are a necessity for anyone heading out onto the water.

Some Reasons you might want a Hydrographic Chart:

1. To avoid hazards when boating.
2. To find the perfect spot for fishing.
3. Find those hidden coves and bays.
4. For divers who need to know the depths.

or call: 705-746-5805

Use this map viewer to zoom and pan around the map
Author: CHS | Charts are always up to date

Most Hydrographic Charts are priced at $20.00 but some have specialty pricing. See list below.

Hydrographic Charts Available
List Current as of October 24th, 2013 (Ontario Charts Listed Only)
Prices subject to change without notice.
Area Chart Number Price
Montréal to Lake Ontario1400 $20.00
Ottawa to Smiths Falls1512 $23.00
Smith Falls to Kingston including Tay River to Perth1513 $33.00
Lake Timiskaming1556 $23.00
Lake OntarioL/C2000 $20.00
Upper Gap to Telegraph Narrows2006 $20.00
Belleville to Telegraph Narrows2007 $20.00
Belleville Harbour2011 $11.50
Kingston Harbour and Approaches2017 $20.00
Lower Gap to Adolphus Reach2018 $20.00
Murray Canal to Healey Falls Locks2021 $28.00
Healey Falls Locks to Peterborough2022 $23.00
Peterborough to Buckhorn including Stony Lake2023 $23.00
Buckhorn to Bobcaygeon including compris Chemong Lake2024 $33.00
Bobcaygeon to Lake Simcoe2025 $23.00
Lake Scugog and Scugog River2026 $18.00
Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching including the Holland River2028 $23.00
Couchiching Lock to Port Severn2029 $18.00
Welland Canal St.Catharines to Port Colborne2042 $20.00
Lower Niagara River and Approaches2043 $20.00
Port Dalhousie2044 $11.50
Clarkson Harbour2047 $11.50
Port Credit2048 $11.50
Whitby Harbour2049 $11.50
Oshawa Harbour2050 $11.50
Port Hope Harbour2053 $11.50
Cobourg Harbour2054 $11.50
Frenchman's Bay2055 $11.50
Cobourg to/à Oshawa2058 $20.00
Scotch Bonnet Island to Cobourg2059 $20.00
Main Duck Island to Scotch Bonnet Island2060 $20.00
Kingston to False Duck Islands2064 $20.00
Hamilton Harbour2067 $20.00
Picton to Presqu'île Bay2069 $20.00
Harbours in Lake Ontario2070 $11.50
Lake Ontario (Western Portion)2077 $20.00
Toronto Harbour2085 $20.00
Toronto to Hamilton2086 $12.00
Lake ErieL/C2100 $20.00
Long Point BayL/C2110 $20.00
Niagara River to Long Point2120 $20.00
Long Point to Port GlasgowL/C2121 $20.00
Pointe aux Pins to Point Pelee2122 $20.00
Pelee Passage to la Detroit River2123 $20.00
Port Maitland to Dunnville2140 $12.00
Harbours in Lake Erie2181 $20.00
Lake Huron2200 $20.00
Georgian BayL/C2201 $20.00
Port Severn to Parry Sound2202 $33.00
Carling Rock to Byng Inlet2203 $23.00
Byng Inlet to Killarney2204 $28.00
Killarney to Little Current2205 $12.00
McGregor Bay2206 $28.00
Little Current to Clapperton Island2207 $28.00
Penetang Harbour2218 $11.50
Midland Harbour2221 $11.50
Tiffin Harbour2222 $11.50
Port McNicoll and Victoria Harbour2223 $11.50
Rose Island to Parry Sound2224 $20.00
Approaches to Parry Sound2225 $20.00
Lake Huron (Southern Portion)L/C2228 $20.00
Cape Hurd to Lonely Island2235 $20.00
Port Severn to Christian Island2241 $20.00
Giants Tomb Island to Franklin Island2242 $20.00
Bateau Island to Byng InletL/C2243 $20.00
Alexander Passage to Beaverstone Bay2244 $20.00
Beaverstone Bay to Lonely Island and McGregor Bay2245 $20.00
Bruce Mines to Sugar Island2250 $20.00
Meldrum Bay to St.Joseph Island2251 $20.00
Clapperton Island to John Island2257 $20.00
Bayfield Sound and Approaches2258 $20.00
John Island to Blind River2259 $20.00
Sarnia to Bayfield2260 $12.00
Bayfield to Douglas Point2261 $12.00
Michael's Bay to Great Duck Island2266 $12.00
Great Duck Island to False Detour Passage2267 $12.00
Plans North Channel2268 $20.00
South Baymouth Harbour and Approaches2273 $15.00
Cape Hurd to Tobermory and Cove Island2274 $20.00
Owen Sound to Cabot HeadL/C2282 $20.00
Owen Sound to Giant's Tomb Island2283 $25.00
Point Clark to Southampton2291 $20.00
Chantry Island to Cove Island2292 $20.00
Byng Inlet and Approaches2293 $20.00
Duck Islands to DeTour Passage2297 $20.00
Cove Island to Duck Islands2298 $20.00
Clapperton Island to Meldrum Bay2299 $20.00
Lake SuperiorL/C2300 $20.00
Passage Island to Thunder BayL/C2301 $20.00
St. Ignace Island to Passage IslandL/C2302 $20.00
Jackfish Bay to St. Ignace Island2303 $20.00
Oiseau Bay to Jackfish Bay2304 $20.00
Jackfish Bay2305 $20.00
Peninsula Harbour and Port Munro2306 $15.00
Coppermine Point to Cape Gargantua2307 $20.00
Michipicoten Island to Oiseau Bay2308 $20.00
Cape Gargantua to Otter Head2309 $20.00
Caribou Island to Michipicoten Island2310 $15.00
Thunder Cape to Pigeon River2311 $20.00
Nipigon Bay and Approaches les approches2312 $20.00
Black Bay2313 $20.00
Port of Thunder Bay2314 $20.00
Harbours on the East Shore of Lake Superior2315 $20.00
Great Lakes/Grands Lacs2400 $20.00
Juan de Fuca Strait to/à Dixon Entrance3000 $20.00
Lake Muskoka6021 $28.00
Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph6022 $28.00
Lake of Bays6023 $20.00
Wahwashkesh Lake6026 $20.00
Blind River and Lake Duborne6028 $12.00
Manitoulin Island Lakes6030 $20.00
Lake Nipissing (Eastern Portion)6035 $20.00
French River6036 $20.00
Iron Island to West Bay6037 $20.00
West Bay to West Arm6038 $20.00
Plans in Lake Nipigon6050 $20.00